"Brian Cook has been a great coach, mentor and friend.  With him I've experienced massive success but most importantly I've had a ton of fun."

Amber Lampe
Amber Lampe http://AmberLampe.com

"Brian is an amazing mentor and friend. I have had the privilege of working with Brian for over 2 years now and it has been the best experience of my life. He will give you the exact blueprint to where you want to go follow him."

Rohan Sheth
Rohan Sheth www.rohan-sheth.com

"Brian Cook is not only a great business partner, but he's also a phenomenal teacher and coach. I have learned more about personal development, perseverance and just how to be a better person working with Brian. I would recommend him to anyone that wants to truly be successful in our industry."

Aimee Grover
Aimee Grover http://www.aimeegrover.com

"I'm so thankful to have Brian Cook as my coach! He has shared a vast amount of knowledge and experience and taught me the skills needed to have a very successful business! It would have taken me many years to achieve the business and personal development that Brian has already helped me accomplish! His selfless dedication as a coach, leader, and mentor is a gift and blessing to all humans."

Tracy Lahr
Tracy Lahr http://TracyLahr.com

Brian WANTS nothing from me but to see me succeed. He has never asked me for anything except to be consistent. Always giving his valuable time to me. He is more than willing to share his knowledge and past failures with me. He has my back!

Dawn Welch
Dawn Welch http://JoinDawnWelch.com

"Brian's mentorship and guidance has opened my eyes to see possibility everywhere not only in business, but in life. His balance of business coach and friendship completes a truly unique relationship."

Alexander Strate
Alexander Strate http://www.stratesuccess.com/

"I appreciate Brian Cook! His continued guidance and support has made me a better entrepreneur and most importantly a better person. I love his straight-forward approach and his constant positive attitude, it's infectious! Thank you, Brian, for being a great mentor and true friend!"

MJ Hotzendorf
MJ Hotzendorf http://workwithmj.com

"When my business mentors and dear friends told me that Brian Cook had decided to join our team I was PUMPED! Brian reputation as an effective and professional leader in our awesome profession preceded him. His commitment to leadership and excellence is evident daily." 

Jake Petrykowski
Jake Petrykowski www.ceoinflipflops.com

"Brian has an amazing talent of getting right down to business and seeing opportunities in life. As a mentor he has taught me how to get rid of all the unnecessary actions, words and even emotions that hindered my business growth and personal growth.  He’s an incredibly generous and loving man, on top of being a kick ass business partner and coach.  It’s rare in life that you find someone so committed to their values and laser clear focused on their goals.  I’m grateful every day that Brian is a part of my life!"

Bethany Siegenthaler
Bethany Siegenthaler WhoIsBCS.com