Network Marketing Tips: You’re Doing It Wrong.

In this blog, I’m not going to teach how to do it wrong I’m going to tell you how you’re doing it wrong.  I’m also going let you know that you’re making it harder for those of us who are doing it right.  If you are doing these 3 things then my friend you’re doing it wrong and need to self correct immediately. Do you want to know how to do it right?  Then watch the video at the bottom of this page. 

1.  Wastebook puking or Facebook vomiting:  

If you sign up in a business and you think all you have to do is post your products, your ingredients, your compensation plan, $100 bills all over the web, you’re crazy.  If you think that the flood gates will open up and you’ll have people begging to sign up, then YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!  KNOCK IT OFF!
I heard a recent statistic that the average person is sold to 214 times a day through radio, tv, billboards, banner ads, email, text, social media and many other ways.  Why would you want to be #215?  We as humans have become numb to selling and are tired of being pitched to.   Most people’s subconscious goes into high alert when feeling like a pitch is coming.  The alert says RUN RUN RUN…  

Here are some examples of doing it wrong.  (I covered the names to protect the ignorant)

You're doing networking marketing wrong

You’re doing network marketing wrong, knock it off

This one has pretty much done everything wrong that you can do wrong.  Tagging people who are probably not in his deal, then hash tagging other companies to his post, showing cash which makes me think he should take that cash and buy an updated Mac if life is so good.  If you’re doing anything like this my friend.  YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!  KNOCK IT OFF!  I guarantee he’s not recruiting people with this post.  What he’s doing is making more people think that what we do is a joke or a scam. Most likely he will eventually quit.

2.  Sending messages to people that you don’t know to look at your business:

Friends we are in a relationship building business.  Never have I heard of a stranger sending a link to their business pitch and having someone sign up.  It’s the lazy way of trying to build your business and if you’re doing it like some of these people YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!  KNOCK IT OFF!  If you want to know how to do it right then watch the video at the bottom of this page for a few tips on how to do it right.  If someone on your team is doing it, tell them to STOP IT IMMEDIATELY!

Network marketing you're doing it wrong

Network marketing, you’re doing it wrong. KNOCK IT OFF

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 3.43.33 PM

Network Marketing You’re doing it wrong! Knock it off!

3.  Doing back door deals with other Network Marketers:

If you find someone on social media that is in a business and your goal is to sign them up and then act like you’re going to sign up in their business YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!  KNOCK IT OFF!
This is so cheesy and I see people doing it all the time.  They say “Hey my deal is only $29, join mine and I’ll join yours.”  The newbie says ok great maybe they’ll do something in my business.  Then they sign up and the JACK *** doesn’t return their calls and goes on the the next victim.  I like to called these tools MLM JACKERS.  If you’re doing this STOP IT!  If someone does it to you send them to this blog post and wise them up.


Here’s a quick video I shot just for you…

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