Who In The Heck Is
Brian Patrick Cook?

Before February of 2005 I was like most humans, just living…not alive.

I’m just a simple guy that grew up in Deer Lodge, Montana and I always knew there would be something more or greater in my life. I knew one thing for sure: I did not want to live in Montana. It was boring and I told my mother when I was 4 I would be a cop and live in southern California.

I graduated high school in 1988 for two simple reasons.

1. You had to have C’s or above to play varsity sports (I played 3)
2. Girls were interesting and intriguing to me

The Marines…

10325330_10202096313545448_5816707601682145750_nMy senior year I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps because I love my country and the Marines were supposed to be the toughest. It was also the way I could become a police officer with out going to college (I don’t like disorganized school) I did find out the Marines are definitely the toughest and that I did need to have some discipline in my life. It was something I wanted, so I excelled and I also fell in love with San Diego, CA. even though the situation wasn’t the most ideal. Went to school in San Antonio, Texas where I graduated top of my military police class, tried out for MWD handler or K9 officer (Military Working Dog) and was accepted. Funny thing is what you think about comes about. All my life I wanted to live in southern California. While I was at school the first place I got orders to was Japan, then Hawaii, and yes, my final orders were to Camp Pendleton, CA (northern San Diego County). Two big lessons from the

1. I was a lost soul
2. I was lonely

I did my time in the Marines, left with an Honorable Discharge with many accommodations during my tour. I’m still very proud of my service to the Marine Corps, this nation and representing myself well.

Dad and SonI could tell the story but I won’t on how I got to Memphis, Tennessee because I made some really bad decisions. In 1993 I was sworn in as a police officer for the city of Memphis. The same year my pride and joy was born, my son Jordan Lane Cook. Five years later I would be a single Dad with custody of a five year little boy. I was just living life, following the rest of the sheepeople not even questioning why.

My Death Day…

Then my death day came (the day I should have died) in April of 2000. I was on patrol and all hell broke lose. I’m not going into that story either. If you want to read my story buy the book called “Blood Lessons” by Charles Remsberg, but for now, here’s his summary of my chapter:

yhst-44491669508252_2264_3093629“Chapter 17: Hole Card
How do you calm down after a shotgun blast whizzes past your ear so close it fans your hair? When Officer Brian Cook came up to a scene where four people, including a deputy sheriff, had been fatally ambushed by a deranged killer, one of the “weapons” he carried with him was a white plastic wallet card that was critical to his emotional survival during the most traumatic call of his career.”

That was the day I decided I needed to start living. That was the day I knew I needed change. I just didn’t know how. I had never heard of network marketing or any home based business in my life. So I did what most people do, I kept doing a job I hated. I lay in bed and prayed to God every night for help, a sign and/or an angel. I said that prayer for FIVE years before it was answered and my best friend, soul mate and now wife Michelle Jones showed up in my life!

My Angel…

10643250_10202636429128000_1546974823_nMichelle taught me network marketing. She was my first sponsor, mentor and leader. I wasn’t a good follower (never have been), but one thing I have going for me is I refuse to quit at anything.

Eighteen months later I replaced my police income. I resigned from the police department, packed up and moved to the Los Angeles, California area, and we started our lives as FULL TIME entrepreneurs. What an amazing and great ride that has been. We’ve done pretty well I must say. I say that not to brag, I say it because just like being a Marine and a cop it’s a part of my life story.

We got to home school my son Jordan. He insisted to follow in my footsteps (I hope he continues to follow), and is now a United States Marine serving as a Military Policeman in Iwakuni, Japan. He’s also in my business and doing pretty well for being very, very part time.

After Jordan moved out Michelle and I decided we were very tired of two things in Southern California.

1. Taxes
2. Traffic

volunteerWe decided it was time for a move, and we moved to Las Vegas, Nevada two years ago and absolutely love it here. We do the things we enjoy doing. We love giving back and volunteering. So much so we started a company called Empowering Humans, LLC to do just that. We empower people to be more, give more, do more and have more through Empowerment! We volunteer when we travel and recently got to help school children in the Dominican Republic by giving them supplies, painting their school, building a swing set and planting vegetables for them. What an incredible experience. I don’t know who got more out it, the children or us.


We love to travel the globe. Our favorite places so far are:

1. Cape Town, South Africa
2. Havana, Cuba
3. Venice, Italy
4. Maui, Hawaii
5. Sun City, South Africa

We love jumping in the car and going on road trips too. We recently fell in love with Lake Tahoe and went twice this year. We always get back to Montana a few times a year and are always open to a new adventure.

This year Michelle and I decided we were going to the greatest thing we could ever do to Empower some humans. This year we chose to become adoptive parents and have chosen to adopt two to three siblings under the age of 10. We’ve done well and want to give back to our future by giving the gifts we’ve learned in life to children who might not have been born into the right situation, but will come to experience what life has to offer.


See you on the beaches of the world,


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