Is Network Marketing For You?

Why Network Marketing is or isn’t for you (video) I’ll discuss a few things I know about network marketing and how to make a decision if network marketing is for you or not. I had never heard of network marketing Growing up in Montana.  
I never heard of network marketing when I was a US…

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You selling or buying?

Network Marketing Tip: Everyone Is In Sales

Everyone Is In Sales. Question is are you getting paid?  Look at all these amazing sites you can sell your stuff on now days!  Amazon, Ebay and Craigslist to just name a few.  It’s so freaking easy, yet so scary! I find it amusing that people say I can’t do sales.  Yet they’re trying to…

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live an epic adventure

Network Marketing Tips: Do something epic

It feel so good to do something epic, crazy, off the chart and it’s always turned out to be fun.  You know like freaking traveling to CUBA! I was surfing my YouTube Channel looking at videos I shot before and I thought wow I had the time of my life in Havana, Cuba but it…

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Don't Be A Victim

Network Marketing Tips: Don’t Be A Victim

Network Marketing Tips:  Don’t Be A Victim It’s hard sometimes to not become a victim in Network Market.  It’s always easier to blame someone then to take full responsibility.  Heck I’ve been caught up in it before, the drama of it.  It’s funny when everything is going good in your business everyone is a hero…

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Network Marketing Leads and Marketing Systems

Network marketing is about talking to people and some people say things like. 1.  I don’t know who to call. 2.  I don’t want to call my friends and family. 3.  Where do I find people to call. We’ve covered a few things this week like belief, habits, what not to do and what to…

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People Form Habits, Habits Form Futures

My coach Joe Syverson said on many coaching calls People form habits and habits form futures.  What does that really mean if you are in network marketing or business?  It means that your habits for most of your life have been dictated to you, most of them you didn’t have a choice in.  What do…

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DC Facial Emotions

Emotional Network Marketers

Hey emotional network marketers, how you feeling right now?   Emotions are crazy sometimes aren’t they?  I really think they get crazier when you start a network marketing business.  I think you really become almost bi-polar in the beginning to a point that you just might feel crazy. In one day of building your business…

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BELIEF, A Must Have In Network Marketing

I think the most crucial aspect of your success is your belief in Network Marketing, yourself and your company.  I also think most people quit because of their lack of belief. “BELIEF”  I’ve seen it work wonders in my network marketing business and I’ve watched people build a huge team in a very short period…

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3 Things To Do Today For Network Marketing

There is 3 specific things you can do today right now for your network marketing business.  When you do these three things you’ll feel better, you’ll make other people feel better and you’ll have accomplished something.  You ready?  Let’s go… 1.  Make Your List: That’s right you should always have a list, you should be…

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Hey Network Marketers You’re Doing It Wrong.

1. Wastebook puking or Facebook vomiting:

If you sign up in a business and you think all you have to do is post your products, your ingredients, your compensation plan, $100 bills and the flood gates will open up and you’ll have people begging to sign up, then YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG! KNOCK IT OFF!

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