Get Organized Now – Part 1

Get Organized Now (Part 1) It’s getting to be that time of year.  You know that time were everything starts to move at double the speed?  I mean it’s November, soon it’ll be Thanksgiving, then Christmas then 2015.  I use a few skills to make the most out of this time of year.  To really…

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Our Adoption Process

Our adoption process (video)

Earlier this year Michelle (my wife) and I decided that we wanted to adopt a sibling group. Not only did we want to adopt a..

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yelling man_DontWannaCall

Network Marketing Tips: Making The First Call

Network Marketing Tips:  Making The First Call (Video & Audio) Yesterday’s network marketing tip was about getting a cold market humans name and number.  I challenged you the next time you went out to dinner you would use this network marketing tip to get their number.  Did you do it? In this network marketing tip…

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MLM Tips: Prospecting Strangers In Person

MLM Tips:  Prospecting strangers in person (video) I was blown away when I first started my network marketing company almost 10 years ago that when I asked a leader who do they talk to when it comes to their business and they said everyone!  That didn’t even make sense to me, talk to a stranger about my…

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Network Marketing & A Budget

Network Marketing & A Budget (video) I know most of us coming into network marketing tend not to have their bank account over flowing with money.  Most of us are trying to stretch every dollar we have to make it.  I was there too and I wish someone would have told me to reinvest in…

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Pre-Launch Your Network Marketing Business

Pre-Launch Your Network Marketing Business. (video) Such a crucial piece to the network marketing puzzle.  Launching it or helping new people launch theirs. Imagine if you added some strategy to your business before your signed up?  Imagine if you partnered with a team that has mastered the pre-launch and actually set some records while doing…

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Your Friends Don’t Know Network Marketing

Your Friends Don’t Know Network Marketing (video) I know this because of experience.  My experience came from ignorance and my friends’ ignorance.  When I first got started in network marketing I signed up under my then girlfriend Michelle who was building BeautiControl (  Neither of us knew that she shouldn’t sign me up but hey…

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Is Network Marketing For You?

Why Network Marketing is or isn’t for you (video) I’ll discuss a few things I know about network marketing and how to make a decision if network marketing is for you or not. I had never heard of network marketing Growing up in Montana.  
I never heard of network marketing when I was a US…

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You selling or buying?

Network Marketing Tip: Everyone Is In Sales

Everyone Is In Sales. Question is are you getting paid?  Look at all these amazing sites you can sell your stuff on now days!  Amazon, Ebay and Craigslist to just name a few.  It’s so freaking easy, yet so scary! I find it amusing that people say I can’t do sales.  Yet they’re trying to…

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live an epic adventure

Network Marketing Tips: Do something epic

It feel so good to do something epic, crazy, off the chart and it’s always turned out to be fun.  You know like freaking traveling to CUBA! I was surfing my YouTube Channel looking at videos I shot before and I thought wow I had the time of my life in Havana, Cuba but it…

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